Totally Conventional Views Which I hold

After reading Tyler Cowen’s Totally Conventional Views Which I hold, I feel obliged to share mine. Here they are in no particular order:

1. The United States is the best country to be an (legal) immigrant due to its history and relatively xenophile citizens.

2. ISIS can only be tackled by Iraqis and Arab states. U.S. involvement in the region has attracted jihadists and those ready to die in the name of Islam.

3. The NAACP has sadly become a wing (or puppet) of the Democratic Party. Since minorities around the world succeed by relying on the free market and trade, more government involvement to purportedly help blacks will continue to exacerbate problems.

4. I am bullish on African economic prospects. Even though the so-called commodity super cycle has waned, African economies are diversifying into services and other sectors. The main issue remain myopic governmental policies that benefit the rich while the poor suffer.

5. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is going to be finalized by the next President. 2016 election preparations are going to make it tough for nervous members of Congress to act on this issue (or TPA) this year.

6. ISIS and instability in the Middle East and Ukraine are going to make it hard for a relatively isolationist presidential candidate like Rand Paul. I am sure he would move further to the right on foreign policy, but remain “moderate” on social issues. Governor Perry can be a dark horse, if he learned from his mistakes in 2012.

7. The biggest threat to the United States isn’t Russia, ISIS or Iran, it’s an ever-expanding government eager to get involved in people lives (from womb to tomb).

8. As long as the African National Congress (ANC) maintain a chokehold on South Africa’s politics and economics, the country is doomed like India under the Congress party. There is a desperate need for (true) political competition.

9. Conditional cash transfer programs in South America are reducing income inequality. Next, Latin American countries should also liberalize labor sectors and implement vocational training to help these beneficiaries. You don’t want millions of healthy, educated, but idle young men.

10. Obamacare won’t be repealed even if the GOP controlled both the White House and Congress, because insurance companies are gaining customers thanks to a government mandate and IRS cudgeling poorly informed Americans. Republicans will be fighting for it like they defend Social Security today to woo reliable senior voters.

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